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    ERRATA - 06/27/11:
    - Changed spelling of "Blood Magus" to "Blood Mage" wherever it appears (including places where it is sensible, so as not to confuse it with the prestige class of the same name).
    - Added the Hit Dice (d4) next to the Blood Mage's name above the table.
    - Added light armor proficiency to the Blood Mage (as Bard, but without shields).
    - Added a cantrip list. Much like the rest of the Blood Mage spell list, the cantrip list draws heavily from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list, but will also include some cantrips from the Bard list, as well as Cleric and Druid orisons (where necessary).
    - Alphabetized the spell list.
    - Added Mirror Image to the list of second-level spells, and Arcane Eye to the list of fourth-level spells.
    - Changed the wording of Bloodletting (GP and EXP) to regard the hit point damage as hit point drain, and Bloodletting (Metamagic) to regard the Constitution damage as constitution burn.
    - Added the following wording to Bloodletting (as underlined): "When a Blood Mage casts a spell from the blood mage spell list . . . First, a Blood Mage can use Bloodletting to pay the material components for spells from the blood mage spell list with costly components. . . . Second, at 11th level, a Blood Mage can use their life force to mitigate the spell level cost of metamagic feats when casting spells from the blood mage spell list. . . . Creatures without Constitution scores (such as undead or constructs) cannot use this ability, as they cannot pay the Constitution cost. . . . A Blood Mage cannot use this ability to increase a spell's level above the highest level a Blood Mage can cast before mitigating the level adjustment, nor can they use this ability to reduce a spell's level below its starting level."
    - Added a book and page number for Stigmata in the bonus feat wording.
    - Added a book and page number for Ritual Blood Bonds in the bonus feat wording.
    - Added the following wording to Scent (as underlined): "Living creatures that do not bleed (such as plants) cannot be tracked by this ability. . . . The ability can, however, be used to track recently deceased creatures that formerly had blood flowing through their veins; scent can be used to track a creature which has died in the last 24 hours."
    - Removed the following wording from Blood Mastery (as underlined): "First, a 20th-level blood mage gains a permanent +4 bonus to their Constitution score, as well as a number of hit points equal to twice their HD."
    - Added the "Arcane Healing" ability at the 8th level.
    - Added the "Craft Homunculus" ability at the 19th level. (Really, it's Craft Construct, but the limitations on the spell list exclude everything else.)

    TO DO:
    - FLAVOR!
    - Symbol spells?
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