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Sources, please.

Those of you who have been readers a long time know that I tend to go in cycles with the strip: a few weeks on time, followed by a few weeks where most of the comics are late (and some days are missed altogether). Oftentimes, Iíll make an announcement afterwards that I was sick. The thing is, I get sick a lot, and thatís not likely to change in the future. For more than two years, Iíve been experiencing a medical condition that often leaves me unable to work (or even sit at the computer) for 2-3 days at a time, and the symptoms tend to come and go in clumps. Iíll be fine for a few weeks, then have a few really bad weeks where I struggle to get any work done. This is part of the reason I never can manage to create a ďbufferĒ of strips in advance: I spend all of my working time catching up on stuff I was supposed to finish while I was sick. (No, Iím not going to tell you exactly what is wrong with me; itís nobodyís business. Suffice to say that it is nonfatal and my significant other takes good care of me.) "