Lord Tiger of house Fang gazed at the great city from the top of his marvelous tower. He had heard from reliable sources that the Lord Ruler of the Spires had been assassinated yet he did not want to believe those rumors without confirmation. 10 years as the head of the prestigious house had taught the young lord that one should never trust what he heard without some form of solid proof.

Suddenly a servant approached lord Tiger, bowing his head he handed him an envelope sealed in wax bearing the crest of Rules Lawyer. He took the envelope and opened it hastily reading the letter inside... then he read it again to make sure he understood the full meaning of the letter. The Lord Ruler really was dead... and it was believed the ninja did it. This was dire news... chaos will soon engulf the city if proper measures where not taken.

Once finished with the letter the lord threw it aside and called for his servants giving them orders to make preparations. He was going to speak to the people of the town today. The city needed stability and for that it needed a Lord Ruler and lord Tiger knew well that he could not become the Lord Ruler without the support of the people.

"Dear citizens of the City of Spires. I lord Tiger of house Fang promise you that the wicked ninja will not go unpunished for their crimes. If you support me on my way to become the Lord Ruler I will guarantee your safety and we will bring peace and prosperity to this city!" (and free cookies all around)