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    Miya sama, miya sama
    On n'm-ma no maye ni
    Pira-pira suru no wa
    Nan gia na
    Toko tonyare tonyare na

    Lord Chiruto had arranged to be awoken every morning in an elaborate ritual involving a chorus of four servants and a gong. In this, as in other things, his style was flashy, it was inordinately expensive, it was perhaps in somewhat poor taste, but it commanded a certain amount of respect and it kept a good amount of commoners comfortably and harmlessly employed. And among the nobility of the City of Spires, bread and circus was what kept you alive. It was Chiruto's policy to provide both as generously as he could afford. He rose wordlessly to a sitting position and retrieved a small bell from the nightstand. Ringing it, he motioned for the servants to begin presenting the affairs of the day.

    A servant carrying an ornately decorated box stepped forward, opening it. "My lord, fine foreign wine, a gift from merchants seeking to trade under your protection." A bottle was uncorked. Wine was poured into a small drinking bowl on the nightstand. Chiruto lifted it daintily and put it down into a small mouse cage standing beside it. He then rang the bell a second time.

    A second servant, carrying a scroll, stepped forward, unfurled it, and began to read. "My lord, the First Lawyer of the City of Spires, honoured servant of the throne, sends you greetings. The Lord Ruler is dead, and the struggle for succession has begun. Your house is one of three to have a legitimate claim on the throne."

    Lord Chiruto felt his heart racing in excitement and suppressed a smile. He put down the bell, rose fully, and spoke. "Very well. Make it known through the proper channels that we will be seeking to claim the throne. Spread word among the commoners that anyone who approaches our House for protection in these troubled times will be granted shelter and guarded to the best of our ability, and that anyone who can provide assistance in the struggle will be richly rewarded. Send for my three most faithful retainers. I shall need their services, and their counsel." He glanced glumly down at his nightstand. "Have the merchants exiled and find out who brought this wine. And have this mouse buried with full honours."

    (OOC: Please do PM me if you want to get a head start on building a relationship with a noble house. We'll have fun, we'll have tactics, we'll have Mikado references. RPers and non-RPers welcome. Any level of commitment welcome, no need to claim allegiance openly initially if you feel paranoid.)
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