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    The venerable Lord Low-Key walked out onto the balcony with the help of his favorite cane.
    "Honored peoples of our most glorious City of Spires. I speak to you this day of a heavy burden on my heart. I am an old man, only wanting to retire peacefully, but the troubles of current events have forced me into action.
    I come to to beg your support in my ascension to Lord Ruler. I do not make this desicion lightly and were it only about me would decline the position if possible. However, the quality of the next most likely choices is too suspect for me to stand aside. Young ambitions of the young lords Ti-ger and Ti-lt know no bounds, and this ti-dy rise of ninja can be no coincidence!"
    He raises thrusts his cane into the air to emphasis each of his sentences. And when done slowly makes his way back inside.
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