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    Default Re: The Inphidian Strikes Back: Let's Read Tome of Horrors II

    Quote Originally Posted by Rappy View Post
    While the last monster is meant to be a bane to a specific player, this creature performs the exact opposite function as a boon for a specific character class. Clamors, so called because of their multiples mouths making hefty amounts of noise, are naturally invisible CR 4 Aberrations. They are heavily associated with sound and music, with their ability to mimic any sound perfectly, has a sonic burst attack, is affected in strange ways by sound-based spells, and...well, I think this ability really needs to be quoted in full.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tome of Horrors II
    Speed of Sound (Ex): Once per day, a clamor can move at the speed of sound for a number of minutes equal to its Hit Dice. Its speed becomes 6,820 feet per round (1,364 squares), but it cannot attack or make use of any of its other abilities when moving this way.
    Yes, that quote is real. In any case, as I previously stated, clamors are meant as a bit of a boon creature, in that a Bard of 5th level or higher can communicate with and subsequently befriend a clamor to act as a companion of sorts. If nothing else, it's one hell of a conversation piece.

    "How exactly did you end up with a one-legged mouth-covered abomination against nature as your adventuring partner?"

    "We have an understanding."
    The real question is, how do you make a saddle for this thing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rappy View Post
    Cerebral Stalker
    If slaad didn't already make you unnerved by frog-like monsters in D&D, these CR 8 Aberrations are likely to. They are positively disturbing in nearly every facet of how they live. They can glide through the earth, meaning one can come up without even stirring the soil to blast you with a fear gaze, grapple you, and drag you down into the shadowy depths. Then, once they've taken you to their lair, they cocoon you in webbing excreted from their body, chew on your skull, and devour pieces of your brain while you are still alive. Then, to put the icing on the cake, they spit your brainless corpse back out of the earth, which then proceeds to become a wandering zombie. The cerebral stalker doesn't even control the zombies it creates, making it an even more eery mystery. It states in the text it's unknown how the cerebral stalkers reproduce; could they possibly use zombies as squishy flesh-nests for their tadpoles, which consume their shambling undead nanny before heading out into the world to find brains of their own? It sounds like a plot to me.
    To me too, and I would totally play in whatever game used that hook...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rappy View Post
    You know those Viking longboats with the draconic figureheads? Yeah, that's basically what these massive CR 10 Constructs are. Their innate navigational skills, control over the winds, and fiery breath weapon means they are a tool for the PCs or some band of raiders or other maritime opponent.
    ...as long as you promised I'd get one of these eventually.
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