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Thread: [3.5e Bloodline] Name Given (PEACH)

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    Default [3.5e Bloodline] Name Given (PEACH)

    There was a request. And so here it is. However, I have never used truenaming. In fact, I don't even own the Tome of Magic. I obtained a pdf which I scanned through, but that was previously the extent of my truenaming knowledge. That and the fact that default truenaming was horribly broken. I am instead using The Way Words Works as the basis for this bloodline. I repeat: I have never used Truenaming before. As such, the quality of this bloodline may be somewhat lacking. If so, I apologize.

    Name Given

    Every creature has a Truename. Truenamers learn to make use of these to create potent effects to harm enemies and aid allies. Though everyone has one, most do not know what their Truename is. Except the Name Given, that is. For some reason something in their creation went... wrong. Their name was not hidden from them. It is as innate to them as is the ability to breathe. In addition, when they go to say things, instead of speaking in Common they occasionally speak in Truespeak creating supernatural effects. They have the Old Blood. The Blood of the Beginning. They are the Name Given.

    1 Speak Language +2
    2 Speak Language +2 Natural Truespeach 1st
    3 Intelligence +1
    4 Speak Language +2 Natural Truespeach 1st Recitation 1st
    5 Truename Affinity +2
    6 Intelligence +1 Natural Truespeach 2nd
    7 Truespeak +2
    8 Natural Truespeach 1st Recitation 1st Name Resistance 5
    9 Charisma +1
    10 Truename Affinity +2 Recitation 2nd
    11 Truename Affinity +4
    12 Intelligence +1 Natural Truespeach 2nd Natural Truespeach 3rd
    13 Bluff +2
    14 Truespeak +2 Name Resistance 10
    15 Wisdom +1
    16 Recitation 1st Name Resistance 5 Recitation 3rd
    17 Truespeach Affinity +6
    18 Charisma +1 Natural Truespeach 4th
    19 Diplomacy +2
    20 Truename Affinity +2 Recitation 2nd Know Truename

    Special: Name Given are born knowing their Truename.

    Speak Language +2: ... What? It's a skill! Pick any two languages to learn besides Druidic.

    Natural Truespeach: The Name Given innately possess the ability to Truespeak. They open their mouths and Truespeach just comes out. Each time they gain this ability they choose a single Utterance and a single Incantation to learn of the level indicated. When using these Utterances and Incantations, the Name Given does not add their ranks in Truespeak to these checks - only their Intelligence modifier and an amount they determine from their Natural Truespeak Pool. Their Natural True speak Pool regenerates with 8 hours of rest and has a maximum of 1/2, 1X or 2X their level, depending upon bloodline strength. The Absolute Limit is equal to (2 + their Charisma Modifier) times 1/2, 1X or 2X their level, depending on bloodline strength. Utterances and Incantations gained through this bloodline are held separate from those gained through Truespeaking classes. Truespeak Checks may be made in this way for other purposes, including Counterspeaking or researching Truenames.

    Name Resistance: The world places extra emphasis on the Name Given for some enigmatic reason. They are naturally more resistant to Truespeach and their names are more difficult to pronounce. An amount is added to the DC of all Truespeach checks for effects targeted against them.

    Truename Affinity: When one knows another's truename, they hold power over them. For some reason this primal knowledge allows the Name Given to better interact with them. They add an amount to all social interaction checks with individuals who's truenames they know.

    Recitation: Though they know their Truename at birth, it isn't until this point that they obtain the ability to modify the cadence and inflection used when saying it to produce a Recitation Effect. They gain access to a single Recitation of up to the level listed. They draw from their Natural Truespeak Pool to add bonuses to their Truespeak check when using these Recitations just as they do when using their Utterances and Incantations. While under the effects of a Recitation, they may not use their Utterances and Incantations.

    Know Truename: The Name Given speaks and the world answers. They ask a question and the question is answered. They may attempt to learn an individual's Truename as a Full-Round action without need for a Knowledge check or library access as long as they are either within 30ft of the individual who's truename they wish to learn, or possess a linking item such as a lock of hair or a personal possession.

    And that's it. Good, bad, horrible, crazy, dull, amazing, stunning, stunningly boring?
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