Jensi stares at the Harrow card clutched in his hard, his eyes wide with surprise. He gently wipes the dirt off it to get a better look. It's very pretty, he thinks to himself. Except for that hand. The hand, sinking into the darkness of the bog, frightened the youth more than a little.

A more suspicious soul might have suspected a trap - after all, how often did one receive Harrow cards with invitations to secret meetings? Jensi, however, tucked the card into his belt and looked up and down the street. He was sure he had been to Lancet street before, but now he couldn't remember. He makes his way through the crowd with numerous apologies. "I'm sorry, but I need to get through, excuse me, sorry."

Spotting a guard - perhaps the one who had earlier shouted for quiet, Jensi wasn't sure - he hurried over.

"Is it alright if I ask you a question?" he asks the guard. "I just found this magic card, which must be just for me since it mentions Gaedren Lamm, and it says to go to Lancet street," the youth explains brightly, oblivious to the look on the guard's face. "But I don't remember where Lancet street is."