By the time Jensi arrives at Lancet street he's cheered himself up again. He hums one of the songs from the festivities to himself as he walks. He almost misses the street, since he's not really paying attention to where he's going, but luckily he spots the enormous oak and decides to investigate. Reaching the end of the street he looks up at it, cocking his head to the side. Wondering idly how long it must've taken to reach its prodigious height, the youth turns towards the odd house.

He smiles. He likes the look of it. Like a cottage from the wilderness in the middle of the city, Jensi decides. Maybe it is, maybe it's older than the city. He knows it's silly, but he likes the idea.

Walking up to the door, Jensi is only slightly surprised to find the door open. Poking his head through, the youth calls out in an excited, sing-song voice.

"Hello? Anybody home?" Without waiting for an answer, Jensi enters.