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    Default Re: (Pathfinder) The Curse of the Crimson Throne IC

    Rennard reads the card and tries to examine the magic traces on it. It did not posses the same magical traces as his spell book, so it could not have been Her.
    Without hurry, the fencer picks up the last blade and starts sharpening thoroughly. In fact, he'll resharpen all blades before he goes. He knew well that rushing unprepared was only inviting disaster.

    After finishing with the grindstone and preparing his equipment, Rennard leaves a note for the Maestro. It is short and concise, written with sharp yet elegant handwriting

    I will go searching for what is mine. If I do not return, I was not worthy of the Balmont name. I will always be in your debt

    With that, he leaves for Lancel street, avoiding the routes most frequented by other Academy students. His business could not be traced to the Maestro. Between the preparations and the roundabout route, Rennard will arrive a few minutes after noon.

    Upon seeing the mysterious house, Rennard mutters to himself Father, give me strength

    And with that the young fencer will enter the house, still carrying his blades with him, but all of them still secured in their scabbards
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