Atavian arrives to lancet, his body exhausted from running. A glance at the sun makes him think he's a little early. He finds the old oak tree, the house under it, the door open - waiting for his entrance. Yet, he stops. He sits down behind a barrel, hiding himself and thinks. The possibility that this is a trap finally reaches him. Lamm would know he got out of jail. Lamm might know that he's been looking for him - that his monster killed two of his men. He debates summoning Tallox.

He sits a long while pondering the risks. Tallox might choke me again. He might cause me trouble if this isn't an ambush. I don't really want him here. He sees a man approach the doorway, exhibit caution, then enter. He decides that mysteriously flicking a harrow card at him wouldn't have been Lamm's style - this meeting is legit. Still, Atavian takes a moment to look for an escape route. Something small he could squeeze through that Lamm's men couldn't. Then, he finally enters the door.