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    Default Re: (Pathfinder) The Curse of the Crimson Throne IC

    Upon entering the house, you find yourself in a small, circular, one-room house, cluttered with all manner of objects. Against the far wall is a bed, the red blankets tidy. A fireplace is to the left of the door, but is unlit - not surprising on a day like this.

    In the centre of the floor sits a dark, circular table, its legs carved with talon designs. Upon this sits a tablecloth that looks as though it may once have been some fine fabric, but now is practically a quilt of patches. It has been set with six pewter plates and glassware that appears to have been cracked and repaired at least once. A woven bowl filled with bread, and a pitcher completes the ensemble.

    The house is lit by only the outside light, which shines dimly through the dirty windows. The entire house has a light coating of dust, save for the central table.

    Most notable, however, is the fact that you are not alone. As the Harrow card promised, others are here.

    Just to be clear, the "others" are you guys. The room is quite devoid of people besides you. Now would be a good time to introduce your characters to each other.
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