Dastan Grayson:
Unsurprisingly, the heavily-equipped and foreign Paladin is the last of the group to arrive. After finally reaching Lancet street he pulls the mysterious Harrow card from his pouch and checks the writing on the back, making sure he's in the right place, then looks around and finds the odd-looking house under the huge oak tree. Whispering a simple prayer of thanks to Abadar for his follower's able guidance, he walks confidently through the open door of the cottage, trusting that the meeting is legitimate, and that even if it is not he'll be ahead of where he was in his quest to bring Lamm to justice.

Upon entering the cramped room, Dastan blinks quickly to adjust his vision to the low light, then looks around at the five others already arrived and the six plates set on the table, quickly realizing that he is the last of the expected guests. He presses his right fist to his chest and bows his head slightly as a respectful greeting. "Greetings. I appologise if I have kept you all waiting; it was not easy to find this place. I am Dastan, a simple warrior in the service of Iomedae. It is my understanding that you wish to bring an end to the Evil of Gaedren Lamm?" The Paladin's resonant voice is extremely polite, but has a hard edge when he speaks of Lamm.