Atavian was too dumbfounded to speak. He walked into a room containing four humans. Every single one was at least twice his height, most of them much more than that. Even the woman towered over him. His eyes flitted about, he briefly considered that he might not have been seen, but their eyes were on him. I should have brought Tallox.

Wide-eyed, he says nothing for several moments, then an enormous human barges into the room - with the armor and gear included, the man might be ten times his weight. The man speaks and pulls the attention of the room to him. Once the paladin clearly sides himself in opposition of Lamm, the halfling creeps over to his side of the room.

The humans at the Acadamae were strange - he knew that, but these humans seemed even stranger. He greeted them in their fashion. "I am Atavian. I follow Abadar," he looks around for anything that will serve him as furniture. He always hated using human-sized things.

"Yes, I got a card, I presume none of you wrote the message?" When no one contests this statement, he adds, "then I suppose we await our host who claims to know Lamm's whereabouts."