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Di di di DI di DI di DI!

I actually can play the ff7 battle music on the piano. It's like the only song that I know. Thanks for getting us through the fight scene!

I'm curious to know if we can expect Aria to level up one level at a time to something like lvl 70, or if we have more off-screen level grinding and have more "summary" comic strips that has Aria level up in more leaps and bounds.
No of course it will be more like off screen, not necessarily grinding but more like fighting monsters along the way. The way I'm thinking is just assume that when the party is in any kind of dungeon/forest/mine/mountain pass/world map that they got a little stronger by the end of it. You'll also be able to tell when I choose to actually show a battle and you see that their HP count has drastically changed. Something link that.

Also, the appearance of the yet to be named prince of Belcastia is coming up, so Aria won't be alone for long. I can start calling them a party. Maybe, 5-6 more strips until his introduction. I'm still finalizing his design.