The man in leathers has not said a word yet. He just stands in a corner and scans the others with calculating eyes, trying to asses the strengths and weaknesses of each. His posture is relaxed, yet he conveys the feeling that seeing this as him not being on guard would be a mistake

After Aldrin's response to Kalinda, the fencer finally speaks.

I agree with the young lady. This is not a social call, so I'd like to meet whoever contacted us as soon as possible.

Looking at Aldrin, he adds in a tone that attempts to be friendlier (with marginal success, going from severe to merely formal)

However, we all seem to be gather with a common purpose, so introductions are also in order: My name is Rennard Balmont, son of Daland Balmont. And yes, I intend to bring Gaedren's evil to an end