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    Default Re: (Pathfinder) The Curse of the Crimson Throne IC


    Jensi puts down what he was toying with quickly as Zellara enters, as if afraid that he'll be told off. He listens to the old woman with his head tilted to one side and a confused expression playing across his face. His expression turns to one of eagerness as she begins to talk about the cards. Raised by Varisians, Jensi had always loved the stories the Elder had crafted with the Harrow deck.

    Jensi doesn't seem troubled at all by the elements of Zellara's story that would strike most right away: how she knew where Gaedren Lamm was, how she had sent the cards, how she knew about these six victims. His expression is sad, however, and his voice full of sympathy as he speaks

    "Zellara, what did Gaedren do to you?" he asks, the bluntness of the question dampened by the innocence with which it is posed, as if the youth cannot comprehend why someone might want to keep such a thing private.
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