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    Zellara remains expressionless as the questions start to flow. "Such curiosity," she crows. "But we are all curious, are we not?" She lets out a quick, high-pitched laugh. "Or is it suspicion... No matter, Zellara will answer."

    "How do I know of you, how have I found you, and how do I know of Gaedren, you ask... The answers are as one: I listen to the whispers of the city," she states cryptically. "Magic also helps - usually does - and I know some of that." She pauses, her thin lips curving into a smile. "As do my cards. But then, the magic is in those as well." She laughs again.

    "And, what is more, you ask of Zellara why she seeks Gaedren's death... My son was only a boy, but no one could do anything for him once Gaedren took him." Her good eye blinks rapidly, battling back moisture. "The guard found his body in the street a month later, fifty years ago. Then, he was just a petty criminal. Now he is much worse."

    As Atavian asks his question, she turns to face him. "Ah, the Snakebite... It represents a mind poisoned against the recipient, or the assassin's blade. I sense your life has been tainted by these things..."
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