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    Default Re: (Pathfinder) The Curse of the Crimson Throne IC

    When Rennard asks his question, Zellara lets out a third laugh, this one jarringly boisterous, coming from the strange, wizened woman.

    "But when in life is anything ever easy? I called you six because I sensed in your past the most... spirit. Well, besides Zellara... that one has more spirit than any of you would ever guess... But, as I've found, not so successful at the killing of criminals... Hopefully you're better... But of course you will be: look at all your weapons!" She breaks down into another laugh.

    When she finally gets her breath back, she picks up where she left off. "Alone? Oh no, he won't be alone. There are orphans... there are thugs..." She pauses. "There's an old dog. Not Gaedren - four legged dog, this one."

    Rennard, Dastan, Kalinda
    She seems completely honest. Batty, but honest.

    Atavian, Jensi, Aldrin
    Despite her craziness, she genuinely wants Gaedren to die.
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