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    Default Re: The Inphidian Strikes Back: Let's Read Tome of Horrors II

    Quote Originally Posted by LOTRfan View Post
    Congratulations. I now have to buy this book, if only for the Dungeon Dragon.
    Indeed. The dungeon dragon managed to actually become the cover boy for the 3rd-Party Pathfinder book of templates, even:

    Speaking of Pathfinder, Bestiary 3 will apparently have more traditional "savage" cyclopes, Sleipner, kappas, Chinese/Imperial dragons, and kaiju in it. Curse you for keeping me spending money on a rules system I don't use just because I love the fluff and beautiful artwork, Paizo.

    Quote Originally Posted by erikun View Post
    Also, with all the creatures related to the City of Brass module - doesn't that module have its own monsters? You'd think that book would have made better use of all these related creatures.
    I think the main purpose was a bit of cross-promotion. More people would have been likely to purchase the second ToH over a title based around the City of Brass.


    Elusa Hound
    Used in spellcaster-to-spellcaster rivalries as well as inquisitions, the wolf-like elusa hounds are CR 3 Magical Beasts with the purpose of hunting down magic users. They work just as you'd expect: they can "smell" magical auras and track them as if they were normal scents. Beyond that, there's not really much to say about them. The elusa hound is one of those monsters that is very malleable to what your campaign world and its perception to spellcasters are like.

    Encephalon Gorger
    The first Tome of Horrors brought us non-Product Identity equivalents of the slaadi and [URL="http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8434589&postcount=143"]yuan-ti[/URL. Here, we are given the same treatment for the illithids. Encephalon gorgers are Aberrations, breed in underground cranial fluid-drenched pools, have strong mental power, keep slaves/thralls/food, and eat brains. The major differences are the strength levels (thanks to their ability to speed itself up by drinking adrenal fluid, the gorger is slightly higher at CR 10) and the dressing of it all; while we all know and love the flayers as squid-headed freaks of nature, the encephalon gorgers look like like a vampiric Gene Simmons.

    Fear Guard
    CR 5 Chaotic Evil incorporeal undead that can induce fear, create spawn, and deal Wisdom damage. Where have I heard this setup before?
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