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Oh, I've been getting USPS emails for a couple of months now. They usually ask me to click on some website to confirm my order. The orders they think I have can be... interesting...

I don't believe I've EVER had a real email from USPS (as until now, the couriers have never had my email address), and so they go straight to me spam folder and have been getting deleted without opening. How do you tell the difference?

It will come from Ookookdook, not the USPS. USPS is the United States Postal Service, they don't ask anyone to confirm an order ever. You're seeing fishing attempts, not legitimate emails.

You would simply receive a tracking number to enter on the post office site, and it would come from Ookookdook, not the USPS. There is no reason to confirm your order, you did that when you first placed it.