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Thread: GtKaP Interview Thread 2: Anxe

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    biggrin Re: GtKaP Interview Thread 2: MoonCat

    Quote Originally Posted by Reinholdt View Post

    Meow meow. Meow meow MEOW meow Mooncat meow.

    Up next we have an incredibly rare occurrence, Dusk Eclipse! Please give him a warm welcome!

    Reinholdt's Riveting and Rhetorical Questions:
    What question would you like to be asked?
    I prefer serious questions; but I am open to silly question
    What traits do you look for in an ideal pet?
    Not really sure, I guess it must be easy to take care of but to be honest, dogs are the nearest thing to my ideal pet.
    What is the square root of Pi?
    An irrational number
    What's your favorite OOTS strip?
    Dunno really, there are so many I can't really choose
    What's your favorite Erfworld strip?
    I haven't read Erfworld
    How does your ITP persona relate to you in real life?

    It is not really different from my RL persona, a bit less snarky and sarcastic; but that is because I haven't mastered snark and sarcasm text-fu
    Sadistic choice time! You must choose to save either the life of your most loved one or the lives of a large group of strangers. Which do you choose?
    Beloved one; I would regret the loss of the strangers, but family and friends are first for me.
    What is your favorite word?
    What is your least favorite word?
    What makes you enthusiastic?
    I am not an enthusiastic person; but I guess new challenges make me a little more enthusiastic
    What disappoints you?
    Having my expectations of something/one be wrong
    What sound do you love?
    The sound of waves, and the sound a keyboard makes when you type
    What sound do you hate?
    Raindrops against aluminium cielings
    What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
    I don't have a profession yet (I am a student); but I had I not decided to study engineering, teaching or law would have been another option
    What profession would you not like to participate in?
    Anything related to politics
    Could you explain your avatar in detail, with history?
    My Avatar is Zabuza a ninja from Naruto, and he has been one of my favourite characters since the start, when the Anime theme week came I decided to get him. I really liked how the avatar came and decided to keep it.
    Answers in bold, and keep the questions coming
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