Ezail, Tiefling Assassin/Wizard(Illusionist).

Ezail is a neutral evil tiefling who enjoys long walks on the beach, pickpocketing civilians, followed shortly by ending their life. He loves using poisons, specifically his Eyeblast poison(which he keeps in healthy stock), blinding his target before finishing them off.

Ezail has a vibrant red skin, medium sized horns that curve back along his skull, and a thin, long tail. He has bright yellow eyes and jet black hair that he keeps slicked back. He wears a long black Assassin's Coat, black leather boots and pants. He also has black fingerless gloves on his hands. He keeps a satchel on his right side with any gear he may need. On his left hip side is his spell component pouch. On his back is his +3 Short Sword, Silent Death. Along his right leg he has Darts(each one already administered with poison) that he can easily grab. He has two Daggers hidden on his person at any time(one in his left boot, one in his right sleeve). He is thin but very toned. Ezail is sarcastic, and has a very good(if not mad) sense of humor. He loves pranks, especially ones that end with someone getting hurt. He often wears a sneer that sends chills into one's soul. He also has a faint scar across his left eye.

I've made many characters before, but Ezail is easily my favorite. He's fun to play, and seeing a picture of him would be awesome for me. Thanks!