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Thread: I will draw your D&d character.

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    Firstly, amazing work. I do some sketching myself, but nothing on your level.

    And on to the character I'd like drawing...
    She is a human, but with nymph and fey heritage. Her hair colour is a dark red, almost black, while her skin is pale (but not white). She is extremely charismatic, and fairly dextrous. She generally wears simple clothing, including tight, black trousers, and a sleeveless V-neck top (also in dark colours) with a red sash tied around her waist. The character generally plays the role of a gentle healer, although they have an affinity for fire. She never uses weapons, believing it to be against her ethos

    The specifics:
    Name: Ariana Timea
    Race: Human (with half nymph template)
    Levels: Healer 10/pyrokineticist 10 (The character is 3.5e)
    Some background story (this is actually turning into a bit of a novelette, but I'll only mention the important bits here)
    Quite child-like at heart, young Ariana had still not quite lost her youthful invulnerability, and, at 17 years of age, believed the world was her oyster. She knew what she wanted, and usually got it. Her stunning appearance had left many a man speechless, though the feature she was most proud of was her hair. Dark as a starless sky, her long slightly hair had a ruby tint to it in just the right light. This, coupled with beautiful almond-shaped sapphire blue eyes lent Ariana's face an almost unearthly beauty.
    Ariana was a kind girl at heart, and could not bear to leave a good creature suffering. Because of this, it was an obvious choice for her to attempt to train towards healing skills, which Ariana quickly discovered she was adept at, bypassing her masters prowess in a very short length of time. However, due to the fire elemental blood running through her veins, Ariana carries a dark secret and a solemn duty. For when A normal person 'loses control' they will simply be getting angry, or doing something out of character. Should Ariana lose control, then the fire elemental blood in her takes over, and she gains the quick temper and deadly flame abilities of a fire elemental in full (hence the levels of pyrokineticist).

    Woah... That went on longer than I expected it to... Anyway, that's my character, in a nutshell. I would love seeing what you could do with the concept, and there are bonus points if you can include her sister into the picture (I'll describe the sister later if you're interested...) I tried doing some pics of the character myself, but they never did work out properly. I was thinking something along the lines of angry girl wreathed in ribbons of flame, but I can't draw fire... Or people... So it was never gonna work out...

    Sorry in advance for any mistakes I made - this is kinda my first proper post on any forum (ever).
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