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Thread: I will draw your D&d character.

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    This looks interesting! Wondering if you could do a character of mine.

    Name: Varle the Free
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tiefling (4e)
    Class: Battlemind
    Alignment: True Neutral

    Varle has a look upon his face of thought and curiosity while still looking laid back, his ears are as long as an elf's and his left is decorated by a silver stud. The Tiefling's hair is short and black, poking through said hair are two short black horns matching the colour of his eyes.
    Varle's skin is red as the blood that flows through his veins, only marked by scars and scarcely seen tattoos upon his back, his clawed hands and feet seem to have six fingers or toes each.
    The Battlemind can next to never be found without his iron plate armor which is slightly rusted, the armor does not come with a helmet and stops at the base of the Tiefling's tail.
    Alongside his armor, Varle always wears two iron shackles around his wrists as a reminder of his enslavement at the hands of a Dwarf merchant named Raste.

    Despite the eternal look of thought upon his face, Varle usually acts foolish as a failed attempt to hide his scheming nature, those who have known him for more than a day recognise his plans to bind people to his service through manipulation and trickery, to be used for the benefit of his allies supposedly.
    Varle is physically fit, but not overly muscular, it is clear that he uses his mental power more than his muscles.
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