Hi! Awesome artwork. I'll give you my new character I've got prepared. Beware, he's strange.

Nerefen Kallynna
Wood elf male
Age unknown

Being a Wood elf , Nerefen has a tall lithe build and a greenish tint to his hair. He has many wounds and scars, Including the fact the skin on the top right of his head is missing. A normal wood elf wouldn't of lived through any of it, but being a necromancer, he could always reanimate or graft bits onto himself. However he hasn't found a way to increase his mind which though sharp, has been thoroughly chaotic making him Absolutely insane.The fact that he binge drinks and gets into countless fights hasn't helped either. He has quite sharp features including a strange looking nose, which he grafted on from a goblin. Other than that,there is not much else to say.

He wears a grey travelling robe And has big grey leather boots and gloves. He has a cape that looked like it might have belonged to a king once bit its so ripped and filthy now that people like him less just for showing it. He has a good quality utility belt On which hangs many miscellanies and sundries, including his ale mug. His familiar is a harvest mouse that he calls lucky after it was chased by several cats. Nerefen's weapon is little more than a sword impaled through the holding end of the broom which likes to a "Makeshift scythe".
Over his travelling robe is desert coloured tunic embroidered with an image of a sheep's head. When the weather gets cold he has a drow skin scarf (Don't ask).

And Finally a bit of background to sum up why a wood elf is practising the dark arts.

Nerefen was the third of seven children To The high lady of the noble house Illva'er. Illva'er is famous for being the only elven house to ever practise necromancy and use it as their power.All of his brothers and all of his sisters all became famous sorcerers or generals that utilised necromancy but Nerefen Guided them all along the way. The reason Nerefen didn't become a great warrior or wizard is because the only things he did well at was necromancy (Obviously), cooking and religous lore, while his siblings were good at at least 7 subjects. So Nerefen Abandoned home and became a wandering mercenary.
Thank you for reading. I couldn't really find any celebrities that looked like him, so draw him if you like and if you do THANK YOU!