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Thread: I will draw your D&d character.

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    You're swamped with a million request but i'll still ask for this one:

    Mhaziea is a spellscale with silver blue scales with white highlights on her nose, fingers, toes and eyebrows. Along her cheeks meeting at the chin goes a thin stripe with a slight turquoise tint. Her ears are pointy like an elfs and her left ear is tattooed completely golden except for a red line around the outer edge of the ear ending in a small double circle filled with black draconic runes around the tip. Her right ear is missing a centimeter of the tip and the rest of it has a slight green tint. Both ears have two notches each where her goblin captors ripped of her Jade earrings. Her throat is tattooed with the lyrics of an old elven lullaby written red ink along the edges of her scales producing a wavy pattern of thin red lines that you can only discern as letters from very short distances. She keeps her left hand black at all times using charcoal. Her lenght is like a short human and she should look young.

    She is a slave taken by goblins so she is dressed in dirty torn shirt and trousers. She also has no weapons, shoes or jewelry except a rough necklace with the hand of a human 14 year old hanged in a dirty leather chord, she should be holdign the necklace in her hand like if she just took it off.
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