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Thread: GtKaP Interview Thread 2: Anxe

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    What question would you like to be asked?
    This question. You asked me the best question anyone could possibly ask me.

    What traits do you look for in an ideal pet?
    Adorableness, fluffiness, personality and being a dog.

    What is the square root of Pi?
    Well, I like my pie in triangle slices, but you could get a rectangly one from McDonalds... I can't help you with a perfect square, though.

    What's your favorite OOTS strip?
    I don't really know... hmmm. I don't remember what number it is, but I really like the attack on azure city splash page one, with Xykon and the undead dragon. I'm sorry if that's a spoiler for anyone. :x

    What's your favorite Erfworld strip?
    I dunno why, but I never put in any effort to read Erfworld.

    How does your ITP persona relate to you in real life?
    I don't really HAVE a persona. Like, my avatar is usually a little girl. Well, right now it's a pony. I am not really a pony. I can't express that enough. But like I act like myself. I even type like I talk. I'm pretty much me around here.

    Sadistic choice time! You must choose to save either the life of your most loved one or the lives of a large group of strangers. Which do you choose?
    Oh, definitely the loved one. I know it's selfish but it's reasonable.

    What is your favorite word?

    What is your least favorite word?
    "Poop". It's such a stupid word.

    What makes you enthusiastic?
    Theater, boys, dancing, music, exercise and artistic things.

    What disappoints you?
    When people don't go through with plans and when attractive people have bad personalities.

    What sound do you love?
    Violin music and the voice of Paul Simon (I couldn't pick one...).

    What sound do you hate?
    Anything loud. Like unreasonably loud speakers and semi-trucks driving by. I actually stress out more than I should and sometimes I cry.

    What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
    I don't have a profession... so besides the number one job I want, which is history professor, I guess I'd want to be an art historian/archaeologist type of person. But only for Neolithic stuff. Weird, I know.

    What profession would you not like to participate in?
    Besides like obviously boring jobs like an office job or an accountant (I apologize, those of you who are accountants or office workers), probably like a vulcanologist. I'm not THAT interested in volcanoes that I wanna be anywhere near them.

    What color(s) do you prefer to wear?
    I like earthy tones and I find that I gravitate towards dark blues. I like light pinks and oranges in small patterns, though, usually on an off-white background. I also like wearing white and when I'm lazy, like during big exams and finals, I kinda accidentally wear a lot of black because all my comfy hoodies and t-shirts are black.

    When you wear black once, everyone in the whole world thinks black is all you wear. It's terrible.

    What do you like to collect?
    I collect things people draw me and fun things from magazines, which I decorate my walls with. I like to keep cool rocks I find on the beach. I also collect awesome accessories I find at thrift stores. I call it collecting 'cause once I buy them, I never wear them 'cause I never have anything to wear with them. :(

    How many avatars do you have?
    I HAVE NO IDEA. Let's see... Pony Em, Regular Em, Prom Em, Catmuffin Em, like five halloween Ems, grown up Em. So around ten, I think.

    Are you ever coming to GenCon?
    Oh god I hope so.

    What type of chocolate do you prefer?
    I like milk chocolate with nuts or crispy rice puff stuff.

    What type and how many pets do you have?
    Only one red-eared slider turtle. His name is Leo. He's not a fan of human hands.

    Do you enjoy watching the Weather Channel?
    ... no. I don't think I ever have enjoyed watching the weather channel.

    Blue Ghost:
    How’s life at the moment?
    Fantastic! I'm kinda ready for school to start though...

    Favorite color?
    I like blues and dark purples. But I also like seafoam green and teal and soft, powdery colors like that.

    Favorite fruit?
    I have an unmatched affinity for plums.

    Favorite ice cream?
    I like any of the fun ones that are based on candy bars. But vanilla and chocolate swirl is the best.

    What is your theme song?
    Oh gosh I dunno. I'm gonna say this properly captures my personality. But I feel like every sixteen year-old girl feels this way.

    Oh, how I wish that man were still alive.

    What is your alignment?
    Probably Neutral Good.

    What is your Magic: The Gathering color?
    Hum. I only ever played Magic like once and I don't remember anything about it. I just have a really sucky deck and no friends who wanna play it and like no motivation to rectify those obstacles. So I don't have any clue...

    What is the meaning of life?
    I'm not going to just say 42 (I considered that, but I decided it was stupid), I am going to give a really good explanation because this is the kind of thing I think about.

    I'm going to say "meaning" is the same as "purpose" because I have a good answer for that even if it's not what you mean.

    *Ahem* I think the meaning of life is not only to find personal happiness, but to initiate change. There is always something that could be better and I think the best way to look at that is to be progressive, whether it be social, scientific, technological, anything. There's no point in living if you don't at least make some kind of impact on your surroundings.

    What are your thoughts on:

    I love it. It's fun (if confusing) to find romantic love. And it's comforting to have the love of family and friends.

    Friendship is a necessity. It means you can be as silly as you want with someone.

    I don't know what I'd do with it. I'd probably protest, if things like my Constitutional rights didn't exist and my various freedoms could be oppressed. Even if I hadn't had them all along. I feel like I'd have felt like it was illogical. So I like freedom.

    I scream when things are unreasonably unfair, so...

    What is the color of your aura?
    In my Freshman year, a really weird girl spontaneously told me my aura would be yellow. I'd normally think it was really cool that a person would be so eccentric and be cool about it, but I call her weird because she was being eccentric on purpose and she was really bad at it and also awkward and ewwy. So yeah, probably yellow 'cause I'm mostly happy and energetic about everything. I really don't understand auras.

    What does your essence taste like?
    Definitely ponies.

    What’s your elemental affinity?
    Helium... oh you mean the four elements?

    Uh, probably earth. 'Cause I'm so down to it. I dunno, I relate to earth. I'm so... earthy. I'm solid. I'm not so much solid and unchanging, I am by no means going to allow myself to be set in my ways ever (no one is just done growing mentally ever), I'm just level-headed. Sometimes I feel motherly, like mother nature, if that has anything to do with anything.

    I don't know if this is what you were asking, but there's that.

    Who would you ask to the next Playground Prom, if we had one?
    Oh, gosh.

    Who did I go with last time? I know I went but I never posted 'cause I'm really stupid.

    Uhm, probably A Rainy Knight 'cause he's my best friend in the playground. :3

    Or if he has a date, maybe Moff or Sneak.

    I'd probably just go with a close guy friend to prom IRL if I didn't have a boyfriend 'cause asking someone out romantically just for prom seems silly if I'm not already dating someone. I dunno, it works in my brain.

    Which works out for real life, 'cause I wanna date my IRL best guy friend... I seriously live in a movie. x:

    Anyway, another playground prom would be fun.

    Are you part of any other online communities?
    Uh, I have a feeling Gaiaonline doesn't count. I joined the Buttersafe forum, but it was far too inane and... lacking in people. There were seriously like two regular users when I joined.

    What fictional character do you most identify with?
    I wanna say Juno MacGuff or the girl from Easy A, but that's who I'm SUPPOSED to relate to. They were pretty much made to be like me. I guess I don't like being so predictable. But those girls are almost exactly like me.

    Socks: Yes or no?
    They're most certainly necessary, but I usually wear sandals. If I'm not wearing sandals, I'm wearing high heels or slip on flats, so socks don't work so well with those. But on the days where I wear sneakers or I'm barefoot and it's cold, I wear socks. So that's a yes.

    What’s your pony name?
    Uh. My friends figured out that from the show, I'm Applebloom. The three of us are the cutie mark crusaders. It's silly.

    But my pony like my avatar? I still never think of it. Uh, probably like... Cutie... bear. I'm unimaginative at the moment. xD

    Do you know any Playgrounders in real life?
    Uh, a few. My brother is Krimm Blackleaf. And some of his friends are here, I don't remember their usernames.

    What is the highest compliment you have ever received?
    Oh... I think my grandma told me how proud of me my dad is and how he went on about how smart and how good a person I am to her. He does tell me how proud he is like all the time, but to have him bragging about me to my grandma like that makes it more... better... er.

    What is the highest compliment you can imagine receiving?
    Probably the boy I like telling me I'm pretty. I mean it, this is how I think. I'm so very much a sixteen year-old girl, despite how mature I may seem.

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I want nothing more than to be a history professor. I love history so much. And I'd have summers to write and travel and explore my many other passions. I've discovered that this is the best way to do that, 'cause I am so unbelievably interested in everything (besides volcanoes, volcanoes suck. Oh and caves, but I just saw Sanctum, so I'm off caves for a while).

    And then there's my band. I probably love music more than history. We're pretty serious. So being a rockstar would kick ass.

    What’s your favorite greeting?
    Oh, I usually say, "'sup". "What it is, my dawg?" is fun. When you're as white and nerdy as I. My friends laugh it off. I think it's charity.

    Uhm, but good ol' "Hello" works for me.

    Your favorite way of saying goodbye?
    See you soon! Because I always try to be welcoming, and I think the little things like that help.

    What’s your favorite smilie?
    Forum-wise? A simple is best.
    But text-wise it's :B because it expresses far more than words ever could.

    Do you, in fact, have any cheese here at all?
    Why, certainly.

    Will you go quietly when they come for you?
    Oh no, I'll fight.

    What is your anti-zombie weapon of choice?
    My dad and brothers.

    Are you running to something, or from something?
    To something. I'm excited all the time, so I must have a fun goal or something.

    What's the magic word?

    Quote Originally Posted by super dark33 View Post
    Where are you from?
    I was born in San Clemente, CA. It was cool, 'cause I could walk to the beach from where I lived. But we moved when I was seven so I couldn't appreciate it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll View Post
    This counts as a question.
    Yes. The answer to "Eeeeeeeeemmmmmmmm." is "yes".

    Quote Originally Posted by Mauve Shirt View Post
    You've stolen my name! How does that make you feel?
    Well, Miss Emily, it makes me feel special. I like when other people are named Emily, 'cause for a long time the only other Emily I knew was the girl in the Clifford the Big Red Dog books.

    gw's Questions of Questionable Intent

    1. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? If so, who?
    Jim Halpert from the Office. Not John Krasinski, Jim Halpert.

    2. What is one thing about yourself you're the most proud of?
    My general affinity and aptitude for education.

    3. Roses or orchids?
    This is the single toughest question yet. Probably orchids, 'cause they're so delicate and cute.

    4. What sustains you, keeps you going every day?
    The thought of having fun.

    5. How did you get to be so awesome?
    I think it's 'cause I was raised right.

    6. Where were you ten years ago, and what do you know now that you wish you knew back then?
    Well, ten years ago I was six. I guess I wish I knew my first grade teacher was just a lonely woman with obvious psychological problems and a bad teacher so I could've gotten appropriately mad at her instead of feeling bad when she got frustrated with me for making mistakes. I was six. Of course I couldn't spell.

    7. If the human race vanished tomorrow, leaving only you and one other person to keep you company, who would you want that person to be?
    Well, my best guy friend/guy I like. Duh.

    8. Who is one person who died before you were born that you'd most like to speak with?
    My grandfather on my dad's side. My dad keeps saying he'd love me and he wishes we could've met him.

    9. When your life comes to an end, how do you want to be remembered/what do you want to be remembered for?
    I want to be remembered for being a loving, warm person. Someone people want to be around. And for being smart and witty.

    10. Ga! These questions have taken a turn for the depressing! Quick, what is your favorite lolcat!? (Bonus cookies for posting a pic.)
    This one!

    11. What super-power would you want to use to stop Godzilla if he was attacking where you live?

    Or the ability to turn reptiles to clouds.

    12. Beards or babies?
    ... I like babies?

    13. Have you ever made up a word? If so, what is that word and what is its definition?
    I've never made up a word. Now I feel lame. :C

    14. Define the following word: whiloplenulent?
    It's the sweat that comes from the back of your knee.

    15. What's an old-fashioned song or short schmaltzy bit of poetry that's stuck in your head?
    The Entertainer by Scott Joplin.

    16. Favorite mythological monster?
    Pegasus. Horses are majestic enough, but when you give them wings? Best creature.

    17. Enough of this! I am your arch-nemesis! Where will we fight our final, climactic battle?
    It'd be a tea-party. I'd win.

    18. In #17, above, did you defeat me? If so, how?

    19. Do you prefer the silly questions or the serious ones?
    I like them both! :D

    20. Why did you decide to submit yourself to these torturous, probing questions?
    I dunno! :D
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