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Thread: GtKaP Interview Thread 2: Anxe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
    Do you think we can meet up when I go down to SoCal for college?
    Yes! UCLA right? Well LA's not too far from here. I still think we should have a SoCal meetup when you're here.

    What was the the last work of fiction you read?
    The last Harry Potter book. I'm preparing for the film.

    What is your favorite thing about The Playground?
    Well, the people of course.

    If you were a car, what kind of tree would you run into?
    A good ol' California Redwood. I have pride in my state. I'd be dead, but I'd be proud.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bor the Barbarian Monk View Post
    Since you were a fan of my answer when I got it of so long ago...

    Jam or jelly?
    Hahaha. Unfortunately, I don't have as good an answer as you did.

    Well, my Wikipedia-fu tells me jelly is more like gelatin but not really and jam is more like what I've been calling jelly. So I suppose I prefer jam, because it's what I normally eat and love and the fruit chunks make it seem less like Jell-o (plus, I had a bad experience with lamb and mint jelly ).
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