Otakuryoga was bored! While the curfew ensured some marginal protection it totally killed the nightlife! “What’s the point in living if there’s nothing to live for?” he thought grumpily. “Wake, work, sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat.”

Sighing he went over to his pet ferret. Alright for some. You don’t even know what’s going on do you?

Just then he heard the letterbox flap. Looking over he saw a colourful flyer lying on the mat…

Hook. Line. Sinker. Otakuryoga didn’t give safety a second thought. Grabbing up Bob and his coat he practically skipped out of the house.

He could hear music playing as he approached the pet shop. Not as loud as it should be but, he reasoned, too loud and it would make it obvious what was going on. Noone wanted to be caught breaking the curfew. That would be a quick route to the gallows these days.

*Knock knock knock*

*Knock knock knock*

Pushing the door revealed it to be open and Otakuryoga followed the music towards the back room. He saw plenty of animals lying around but no people? Where are these dog’s owners? he wondered aloud.

Look again! Snarled the nearest…dog? Wolf!

Otakuryoga knew he was too late before he even turned for the door. He heard the click of it shutting and as his screams rose, so did the music to drown them.

Summary: Otakuryoga was Killed. He was a Villager.
BobTheFerret was Auto-Lynched. He was a Villager

Day 11 begins now and ends in about 48 hours.