Heyas, thought I might share with ya'll the first D&D creation I ever made back during 2nd edition and I've updated it a bit. My DM allowed it and one of the players who for some reason had the equivalent of ranks in Craft (tailoring) made it for me.

Any ideas for making it more dastardly would be welcome.


The Thieve's Outfit consists of pants, shirt, shoes, cloak, and headband. All of which are in shades of muted blacks, shadowy greys and very dark greens which grants a +4 bonus to hide checks in darkness.

The shoes are not so much shoes as slippers with a very thinly padded sole which have a layer of sharkskin for aid in climbing. These shoes grant a +2 bonus to move silently checks.

Pants: the front legs of the pants are sharkskin as well with a layer of normal fabric over them which can be pulled away. A skirt can be unwound from a secret slit in the pants to give a feminine look for disguises. Several hidden pockets of course as well. When used in conjunction with the shoes they grant a +2 bonus to climb checks.

Shirt: the doublet is of silk with long sleeves held tight at the wrist by small cufflinks sharpened to a razor edge for slitting purses. Inside each sleeve is ribbon for tying knives with, and if the arm is carefully extended the knot inside will be undone. Sewn within the shirt is a bit of very fine, but tough twine that is tied within the fabric of one sleeve, and is attached to a small bag at the other. The bag can be pulled out and rings or coins stuffed within, and with a quick jerk of the other sleeve can be taken back inside the shirt. The collar of the shirt contains a thin saw-blade wire for use in cutting through dungeon bars. Folded within the collar is a thin silk hood that can be brought over the head to hide features and comes with a bit of frabric to wrap about your face that can be used as a veil if needed to go with the skirt or as a mask to pass yourself off as a foreigner. Many many many pockets in as well, as fits a proper thief.

Cloak: The cloak is of sealskin to keep off water and the chill and in each of its corners has a small lead weight to keep it from blowing in the wind and alerting others to your position. It has a very large pocket in the back to allow a small pet or familiar to hide within it secret.

Headband: The headband is silk as well and when turned inside out displays many tiny pockets all around it, each just large enough to hold a few coins or perhaps a ring. Flip it back and simply keeps hair and sweat out of your eyes (a must for nervous rogues).

Moneybag: Not exactly part of the theive's outfit, but because all the thieve's wealth is carefully hidden on him with this garb, the bag is free to be filled with small razor blades, glass dust, thorns, needles, or even magical objects deadly to the touch, all of which may discourage the casual pickpocket.

When worn all together the wearer gains a +6 bonus to disguise checks, and a +4 bonus on sleight of hand checks to hide things on his person.

Price: ? gp