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Genius: the Transgression

Making a Genius

Add +1 dot to any ONE Mental attribute, can be the fifth dot without extra charge

Gains Inspiration of 1. This is similar to a changeling's Wyrd

Gains Mania based on Inspiration. This is similar to a changeling's Glamour

Morality becomes Obligation

Add Catalyst (see below)

Add Foundation (see further below)

Add Axiom dots (see even further below)

Make first Wonders (see beyond even further below)


Definition: What causes the Genius's breakthrough
Grimm(Anger). Favored Axiom is Katastrofi
Hoffnung(Wanting to change the world). Favored Axiom is Metaptropi
Klagen(Sadness). Favored Axiom is Exelixi
Neid(Revenge). Favored Axiom is Epikrato
Staunen(Exploration). Favored Axiom is Apokalypsi


Definition: A group that a Genius may join to gain a grant in exchange for one Mania. Gain one of the two listed Axioms as favored.

Articifers. Favored Axioms are Automata and Katastrofi. Grant is that Wonders take one less time step to build.

Directors. Favored Axioms are Automata and Epikrato. Grant is that Mania can be used to boost social rolls on a 1:1 basis.

Navigators. Favored Axioms are Katastrofi and Skafoi. Grant is that Mania can be used to boost physical rolls on a 1:1 basis.

Progenitors. Favored Axioms are Automata and Exelixi. Grant is that there is the penalty for building Size-1 or Size-0 Wonders is reduced by 1.

Scholastics. Favored Axioms are Apokalypsi and Metaptroi. Grant is that they have one extra fault to choose from when building Wonders.

Rogue. Name for a Genius without a Foundation. Can pick any two other Axioms as Favored, and doesn't cost mania to join. However, there is no grant.


Definition: The aspects of mad SCIENCE!!

On Creation, a Genius gets one favored Axiom from his/her Catalyst, one favored Axiom from his/her foundation, and one favored axiom of his/her choice. He/She then gets three dots to put into these three axioms. They don't need to be evenly distributed.

Apokalypsi: Discovery
Automata: Robots
Epikrato: Control
Exelixi: Healing
Katastrofi: Weaponry
Metaptropi: Change
Protasia: Protect
Skafoi: Travel


Definition: A Wonder is what a Genius creates. Dr. Octopus's arms, Iron Man's Powersuit, even some Zombies are wonders.

Mortal + Wonder = VERY BAD IDEA
Mortal Parts + Wonder = Free Mania source and an Obligation check

When creating a wonder, roll Intelligence+Inspiration+Associated Skill (More oftenly Crafts or Medicine)+Lab Equipment(See Below)+Beholden Rank(See Below)-Wonder's Rank. Add 1 if Axiom is favored.

At creation, a Genius gets five rolls to make wonders. If no wonder is made within those rolls, roll until one wonder is made.

If 1-4 successes are rolled, the Storyteller picks a fault for the wonder. This is something that doesn't work about it. See page 260-ish for details.

If 5+ successes are rolled, the Storyteller gives the Genius two faults to choose from.

New Merits:

Adopted Orphan (One to Five dots)
The Genius possesses wonder(s) that he/she did not create

Assembly Line (One to Five dots)
The Genius can make multiples of the same wonder with no additional Mania cost

Beholden (One to Five dots, Special)
A henchman. Slang term is Igor.
Number: How many there are. One to Five Dots
Ability: How good the Beholden is. Zero to Five Dots
Prowess: How able the Beholden is. Zero to Five Dots

Calculus Vampire (Two Dots)
Can suck the mania out of someone else. Roll Subject's Intelligence+Resolve vs Target's Composure+Inspiration

Dumpster Diver (One Dot)
Resources is treated as two higher for creating wonders

Energy Channeler (One or Two Dots)
Can use Mania on mundane items more efficiently

Generator (One to Five Dots)
Genius has an item that gives more Mania

Kitbasher (Two Dots)
No penalty for Kitbashing Wonders

Laboratory (One to Five Dots, Special)
Size: How big it is. Zero to Five Dots.
Equipment: How good the stuff inside is. Zero to Five Dots.
Security: How well protected the lab is. Zero to Five Dots.

Mane (One to Three Dots)
The Genius isn't human, gives various abilities.

Science Hero (Three Dots)
Genius gets paragon status at Obligation-6 and has one less jabir penalty

Technomancer (Three Dots)
Genius can willingly give or recieve any type of energy (Glamour, Mana, Vitae, etc.) Good synergy with Calculus Vampire.

Tenure (Three Dots)
Wonders can be attempted more frequently

Universalist (One to Three Dots)
The Genius can use Wonders of unknown Axioms

Utility Belt (One to Five Dots)
Gives a +1 bonus on Wonders, Science, and one other Mental Skill per dot


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