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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Fau View Post
    Balance clearly isn't a class skill for WotC employees.
    Quote Originally Posted by FMArthur View Post
    Here's an example of how a bunch of reactive actions can interact:
    • Warrior readies his action to attack Caster when she casts a spell.
    • Caster tries to cast a spell within Warrior's reach.
    • Warrior chooses not to take the readied action yet and first attempts the attack of opportunity that Caster provoked.
    • Caster teleports 10ft away using her Shadow Cloak item as an Immediate action, outside Warrior's reach.
    • The AoO misses. Caster is still casting her spell.
    • Warrior uses Abrupt Jaunt from his wizard level to shift right beside the caster again as an Immediate action.
    • She's still casting the same spell, so he doesn't get to try an attack of opportunity again even though he has Combat Reflexes because each action only provokes once.
    • He takes his readied action to attack her now, and hits.
    • Caster's spell fails.
    • Caster curses at her enemy in anger because talking is a free action that can be taken any time.
    • Fourteen of Caster's crafted contingent Apocalypse from the Sky spells activate, each in response to another's activation.
    • Caster's crafted contingent Plane Shift spell activates in response to the last Apocalypse from the Sky spell; since each part of this chain actually interrupts the one before, none of the AftS spells have actually gone off at this point even though the contingent spells themselves have all been triggered.
    • Caster dies from overwhelming Constitution damage anyway because she forgot that items bearing Corrupt spells inflict their gruesome price when activated instead of when they are created, as an exception to the general rule.
    • Everyone else within 170 miles dies, especially Warrior.
    • Atropus's readied action to take up orbit over a planet and extinguish all life over the following weeks triggers when Apocalypse of the Sky goes off and kills tens of thousands.
    • End of turn.
    Quote Originally Posted by ffone View Post
    "On the 7th day, God was limited to a single move or standard action per round and suffered -6 penalties, which is likely why He failed His Spot checks to see the snake Hide in Plain Sight in the concealment granted by the light undergrowth in the garden of Eden."
    Quote Originally Posted by Arbane View Post
    You should. WALL-E is probably the most heartwarming tale of love starring a trash compactor and a space probe ever.
    Quote Originally Posted by NeoSeraphi View Post
    That is an excellent point. Only in D&D can the word "person" be described as discriminatory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Fau View Post
    E6 doesn't fix the problems. If DnD as a whole were a pool filled with burning napalm, E6 would be the equivalent of sticking your leg in the shallow end. There's still a problem, but not as bad as swimming in it. But that's the fun part about DnD: Everything burns.
    Quote Originally Posted by erikun View Post
    Let's not forget that there is a Heavy weapon properity. As such, you can have a Heavy Heavy Mace. Or a Heavy Light Mace. Or a Large Heavy Light Mace.

    And then you cast shrink item, giving you a small Large Heavy Light Mace.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Shadows View Post
    Or a smal Large heavy heavy mace. It's also possible to grow items, giving you a large large heavy heavy mace, or a large large heavy light mace...

    I think we're drifting into another sketch.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Glyphstone View Post
    And then the kobolds trap the traps on their traps. A kobold silverware drawer is really just one very well-trapped fork.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asta Kask View Post
    If you are an obese transsexual, does that make you a trans-fat?
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