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    Quote Originally Posted by IcyFrozen View Post
    The book was supposed to ship in June now a preorder of it is going to be send ahead of time for distribution at Gencon.. huge slap in the face.

    So last time I will preorder to help out, its seems your more rewarded NOT to preorder.
    I get why you're upset, but the other side of the coin is that for a lot of people, going out to Gencon requires a much greater investment of time and effort than pre-ordering. For someone who bases his or her decision to go to the con in any part on the availability of OoTS content, it's hard to begrudge someone who's actually willing to go outside, braving sunlight, possibly airports, and even more dire, airline food, their right to purchase slightly before we receive our product by mail.

    IMHO, if being a lazy, on-line shopping, pre-ordering fan means I might get product a little later than someone else...well...that's the price of convenience. YMMV of course...just my opinion.
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