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I am perhaps one of the biggest fans of the comic and have all the paperbacks and most of the Dragon issues which had the comics from this paperback already. I think i started reading at comic 3. So I'm a huge fan. I am not upset about the delay, stuff happens.

What is irking me a bit is that while I preordered to help guage costs and help Rick with effectively maximizing profit with this book, due to geographic inconveniences I'll be waiting for mine in the mail while people who DIDNT take steps and be courteous by preorder will get this book at Gencon before me. I dont think its fair that anyone can walk up to the counter and purchase this will fans who are trying to be supportive get screwed.

The book was supposed to ship in June now a preorder of it is going to be send ahead of time for distribution at Gencon.. huge slap in the face.

So last time I will preorder to help out, its seems your more rewarded NOT to preorder.
If the people at GenCon were actually getting preferential treatment over people who preordered, I might agree with you. However, since people who preordered can pick their copies up at GenCon, they can get them just as soon as people who buy at GenCon. That seems fair to me.