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It would be - but it lacks the rhetorical punch added by invoking racism.

Hahahaha, oh snap.

My comment resposted from just before the last thread closed:

Vaarsuvius as a character fascinates me. I find I really, really care what gender he is, and thinking of him as a male makes me have a different attitude to thinking of... her, as a female.

Being that I didn't formerly buy the feminist crap that gender makes a fundamental difference to my perceptions of people (Or at least anyone I don't actively want to have sex with), Im sort of surprised. And now I find I don't want to know what gender Vaarsuvius is, cause I find his actions more interesting without the framework...

Im definitely overanalysing this, and Vaarsuvius is a fictional character so it's dumb. Still, does anyone else find him/her more interesting in some way because you don't know what gender he/she is?

Of course, being that Vaarsuvius is an interesting and intelligent character with a three-dimensional personality, I think it's fairly safe to assume he's not female.

*ducks and rolls*