I don't think it's that the people at GenCon don't have to go through a lot of hassle or work to get the book, it's that the preorder people received a promise from ookoodook to get the book months ago, whereas there was no such promise or commitment made to GenCon attendees that part of their ticket costs offered a chance to pick up a copy of the book. So it is a bit annoying seeing that when they have the ability/chance to gt some books out early, they are not going to the people who made the earlier commitments first (they could've done by order of preorders) but rather to GenCon where no such commitment was made. While it makes sense from a business point of view, GenCon is undoubtedly a good place to make sales, and good for selling excess stock and making money. However that is being prioritised over preorders made by people who were supposed to have received it months ago. I personally don't mind waiting a week or so, but that was just for the people who were claiming GenCon people deserve to get it first for buying con tickets, or waiting in line, or travelling. They didn't incur those costs for the express purpose of getting the book. They weren't promised early access to the book when they bought the tickets, and the gencon tickets/costs gives the attendees far more value than the chance to purchase a book. The issue is who promises were made to, and which commitments they are honoring first. And in this case, the original promises and commitments made to the preorder folks are being bypassed in favour of selling them commercially at a major convention. That said, I'm in favour of that. I see that they're still a business, and it makes sense to do it this way, just don't have people claiming that going to Gencon entitles them to the book more than people who preordered it.