Lydia Darkblade
TN Halfing Rogue
Hair: shiny black, sliky, gathered in a not so tight ponytail
eyes: big, round, drak blue-green
face : rather child-like
body: shorter then normal Halflings
armor: +1 Mithril Chainshirt
Weapon: +2 Rapier, needs to look ancient, covered in runes. a corssbow, a small dagger
More Stuff: Fingerless leather gloves (of dexterity), belt with lots of healing potions on it, boots of Expeditious Retreat (reddish-brown tone)
more about: Lydia can be a bit of mood swinger, in one moment rather sarcastic and bitter, and playfully childish in the other. while she started adventuring so she could get money faster , she quickly started to like the danger and fighting-usually being the first to jump to a battle. she cares for some for her closer friends, although she'll never admit it, but is never above pick-pocketing them. she's very bad with the cross-bow and most likely to fight with her Rapier.