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The only ansver to this is that people are much less gendered than some of you think. The traits you list above for V are not masculine, they are just human.

Some societies and ethnic groups still think a woman is supposed inherently kind, meek and unambitious. That's just cultural baggage of a rather nasty kind. Gender racism.
That's rather hyperbolic, Adeptus. *True, some gender roles are socially constructed, but there are many differences between males and females which arise from natural bioloical facts. *Besides which, there's nothing inherently bad about males and females being different from each other in generally consistent ways, nor about some traits being more common in males than in females. *The only wrongness comes from using those differences as a source of oppression.

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Having dated someone whose gender I didn't know until we ended up in bed
Whoa... seriously? *If you don't mind my asking, how was it that this person's gender was so obscured? *Did they have a particularly unusual manner of dress, or very non-descript features, or what?

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V is probably a woman. The fact that her arranged marriage was to a man seals it,
What are you talking about, Tom? It was never stated that V's mate was a man, nor, as far as I know, that the marriage was arranged. Are you confusing Vaarsuvius with Hilgya?