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Thread: I will draw your D&d character.

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    Default Re: I will draw your D&d character.

    If you don't mind I have a character I'd like you to draw.


    Race: Murderer
    Gender: Male
    Class: Binder (Keran Binder (not Tome Of Magic)) level 3

    Age: 16


    Weight: 102 lb.

    Looks: He stands at about 5'2, a little above average for his race. His eyes are the same color as his feathers, blue under the correct light, but everywhere else black as night. When looked upon it obvious he is always thinking, sometimes scheming.

    Armor: Black Robe

    Weapons: Light Crossbow

    Other: If you can I would like him standing on runic circle with a golden dog at his side.

    Also please read the physical description of the race as it is homebrew. Also the class is different from the tome of magic class of the sme name.
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