Well, if you're willing, mind taking my request too?

It's quoted in the spoiler.
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Howdy. I'm here to request myself a portrait. Name: Anemelv Guthyanda
Race/Gender: Elf, Male.
Appearance: Slightly heavier set than usual for an elf, fairly tall, blond hair shorter than most elves' (around neck length instead of middle-back, kept tied back as well), steel-grey eyes (not completely grey- should have normal irises instead of the "eyes all one color" of elves).
Clothing: Loose, black robes (think more Jedi than priest or wizard- mobility is important). Has a grey-silver hooded cloak on, with a sword sheathed at his left side. Wears black/dark brown boots.
Pose: standing, arms crossed, smirking. Cloak either hanging off of his right shoulder or the hood up. Maybe with roiling dull blue or another dullish color of energy behind him? Alternately, his right arm at his side and his left hand held up, surrounded by grey whisps of magic, standing with one foot on the back of a disceased dragon.

Anyway, this isn't excatly of the highest priority to me. If you don't want to take it, that's fine. Just saw this and figured I'd ask.

EDIT: The cloak looks somewhat like the one on this card.