Here is my original request for a character. Thank you so much for continuing Conan's work, even if you don't draw mine. Art, especially D&D art, dos not have a price in my mind.

Alec Danue

Physical Descriptors:

- 6'1 height
- Lanky but well defined muscle frame
- Caucasian, with tanned and chapped skin
- Dark brown, shoulder length hair
- Grey eyes
- Scar running down left cheek


- Worn, tan tunic
- Brown belt with golden buckle
- Black cotton pants, flared at the ankle
- Tattered grey cloak with hood (not currently wearing hood, though)
- Sapphire amulet, golden setting/chain
- Ornate spiked gauntlet (think new Prince of Persia style) on right arm
- Black combat boots

Miscellaneous Information:
- Adjectives to describe him: determined, powerful, serious, young, rugged
- Looks most like: a younger version of Ciarán Hinds (just Google him if you don't know who he is)
- I would like to see him standing, if at all possible on a sand dune.

Alec Danue was born into poverty. Scratching out a living on the streets of Solstice (a Lawful Anal theocratic city state), the only person with whom he had any real relationship was his aging mother, a seamstress. He eventually turned to pickpocketing, and one day accidentally angered a nobleman. He was exiled, and learned the ways of adventurers. Traveling to the great Crystal Deserts to the west, he uncovers an ancient vault. He triggers a magical trap, which in knocks him unconscious and leaves him with some powerful questions about divinity.

This is not a player. This is my BBEG, in his early adventuring days, before he became Cho'Sul, the lich, and overthrew an entire pantheon. At this point in his life, he has yet to turn down the path of corruption that awaits him. He is dominated by his determination and his thirst for more knowledge, but is still moved by emotion, and the plight of the common man. I am currently writing a series of journals from his point of view (in this time period) that my players will eventually get and hopefully decipher, so this will add a lot of background flavor and even yield some useful information.