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you don't mind my asking, how was it that this person's gender was so obscured? Did they have a particularly unusual manner of dress, or very non-descript features, or what?
My date's appearance was androgyn, and dressed in such a way as to make it hard to guess gender (short cut hair, loose shirt and trousers, etc). Could have been a guy, could have been a girl.
Now, I could make a guess, but I wasn't sure. And I could have asked, but since we both had already agreed that gender was not really a factor, I didn't, figuring I would find out later.

Many people have an aversion to the mere idea of a sexual relation ship with a man or a woman, so I guess they would be troubled.
If you set that thought aside, if you, so to speak, don't mind to dance with a boy or girl, then gender just becomes fluff. You can safely have a crush for someone you meet without being emberrased later on. It's a lot easier, really.