Okay I think Vaarsuvius is a girl, and know that she is a guy.

Yes that sounded really wierd.

I think she is a girl, because that was what I first interpreted her as being on reading the first comic, and what I thought she was for at least 150 comics, probably more around 290 (whenever I started reading these forums is when I changed my mind) I had this interpretation for one, and only one reason. Specifically, in the 3.0 D&D core rulebooks, there is an elven wizard, who is female, as such all elven wizards are female until proven otherwise for me. Also said Mialee the wizard acts sort os like Vaarsuvius, further reinforcing my assumptions, and later comics such as the Elan's weapon of choice, and #123 reinforced m assumption.

Now I know that she is a guy because Rich Burlew actually said it in these forums. Go back to the very last page in the comics forums and read every thread. Thats what I did, and somewhere there Bogotter the modotter said he thought V was a she and EVERYONE disagreed, and then Bogotter the Modotter made a thread about how he was wrong when Rich typed V as a he in the animal companions thread.

In conclusion, I don't care. I know V is a he and yet still whenever I see someone say V as a he I automatically correct it in my mind thinking, thats wron its she, and a second later remembering, oh wait, nevermind they are right.

Wow that was a really long post, hope its not too conusing