Woah... I forgot I was registered here. Anywho:
My date's appearance was androgyn, and dressed in such a way as to make it hard to guess gender (short cut hair, loose shirt and trousers, etc). Could have been a guy, could have been a girl.
Now, I could make a guess, but I wasn't sure. And I could have asked, but since we both had already agreed that gender was not really a factor, I didn't, figuring I would find out later.
If you don't mind me asking, what was you partner's discovered gender?

Concerning V, I have no real arguement either way. When I fisrt read the comics, I always perceived her/him as male. It came as quite a shock when I visited these forums and found a heated debate over V's gender. Of course, this entitled a re-read of the comics.
Though I now see that there is not much evidence either way, when I read the comics, I also picture V with a male voice. Ah, well [/my 2 cents]