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    You understand what you have to do? We’ll stop that wolf-nip permanently…you have your target. Nodding, I loped into the night.

    Excerpts from “The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary 13” by Timothy Tiberius
    Chapter 6 – Elections

    …An Overseer to guard, protect & lead the Sanctuary through it’s long exile and to safety on the other side.

    Eventually a system of governing was formed and a man named Zanshin was elected. The Overseer’s designation of “Rogue Nine” was given to him and all the Overseer’s since then have been designated Rogue Nine as tradition.
    This was child’s play. No guards. No locks. No cameras. What exactly did this man want to keep hidden? Why was most of the sanctuary riddled with security cameras but their leader’s house devoid of any?

    Excerpts from “The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary 13” by Timothy Tiberius
    Chapter 6 – Elections

    What has become apparent since the exploration of Sanctuary 13 is that “all the Overseer’s” were in fact “all the overseer”. Zanshin maintained power for the majority of his natural life and just before he died transferred his brain patterns into an android! Over the years this has happened sequentially and seamlessly as the elections have and no one seems to have noticed.

    One android passes the torch to the next. Some staying in power longer than others but all essentially the same man. From what we can see he thought it was for the best. He didn’t trust anyone else to do the job properly and protect the people. A betrayal of trust or a watchful guardian? I’d side with the latter. It doesn’t look like he abused his power (Well no more than any other politician anyway).
    He’s there. Just in that room. I can hear him. Why does he smell so wrong?

    You might as well come in. I’ve been expecting you for some time.

    Huh? He should be clueless. I’ve been quieter than a mouse.

    I just wish you’ld taken a day or two longer…then I might have escaped…or at least survived. As it is, I’m ready.

    A willing meal? Well who am I to complain? One quick pounce and…


    Excerpts from “The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary 13” by Timothy Tiberius
    Chapter 6 – Elections

    It appears the final Rogue Nine had implanted an explosive device inside himself and something set it off while he worked on his next android body. A sad end to nearly a century of rule. After that…
    Summary: Rogue Nine (Zanshin) was Killed. He was a Villager.
    The Fiery Tower was Auto-Lynched. He was a Werewolf.

    Day 13 begins now and ends in about 48 hours.
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