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Thread: [3.5e Bloodline] Quisling (PEACH)

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    Default [3.5e Bloodline] Quisling (PEACH)

    I seem to be making a point about fulfilling requests. Lord Gareth asked for me to make a bloodline for his Malefactor, and so here it is.


    Malefactors use dirty tricks to win fights. They know it and don't even attempt to deny it. They are the result of "Cursed Bloodlines". Well, what happens to those individuals possessing these bloodlines that do not pursue the path of the Malefactor? Well either the bloodline could be dormant, waiting for the individual to embrace their nature and become a Malefactor, or it could manifest on it's own, resulting in a Quisling bloodline.

    1 Bluff +2
    2 Bluff +2 Malefactions (Spites) - 1st, Torment the Weak +1d4
    3 Charisma +1
    4 Bluff +2 Malefactions (Spites) - 1st, Torment the Weak +1d4 Maleficent Aura (Spite)
    5 Malicious Affinity +2
    6 Charisma +1 Malefactions (Spites) - 2nd, Torment the Weak +2d4
    7 Use Magic Device +2
    8 Malefactions (Spites) - 1st, Torment the Weak +1d4 Maleficent Aura (Spite) Spiteful Rebuke
    9 Dexterity +1
    10 Malicious Affinity +2 Malefactions (Taboos) - 1st, Torment the Weak +3d4
    11 Malicious Affinity +4
    12 Charisma +1 Malefactions (Spites) - 2nd, Torment the Weak +2d4 Maleficent Aura (Taboo)
    13 Hide +2
    14 Use Magic Device +2 Malefactions (Taboos) - 2nd, Torment the Weak +4d4
    15 Intelligence +1
    16 Maleficent Aura (Spite) Spiteful Rebuke Engulfing Aura
    17 Malicious Affinity +6
    18 Dexterity +1 Malefactions (Bane), Torment the Weak +5d4
    19 Knowledge (Arcana) +2
    20 Malicious Affinity +2 Malefactions (Taboos) - 1st, Torment the Weak +3d4 Fool Me Once

    Malefactions: The main power the Quisling acquires is that of their Malefactions. They gain Malefactions of the indicated levels when indicated in the above table. These Malefactions may be used a number of times per encounter equal to their Charisma modifier + 1 + 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 their level, depending on bloodline strength. The Quisling is treated as a Malefactor of 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level, depending on bloodline strength for the purpose of determining the effects of the Malefactions and the save DC.

    Torment the Weak: Nothing like kicking them while they're down. The Quisling adds the listed amount of damage when successfully striking anyone under the effects of their aura or one of their Malefactions.

    Maleficent Aura: Just like their Malefactor brethren, the Quislings have the capacity to extend from themselves a Maleficent Aura. They learn a Maleficent of the level indicated which they can use at will just as the Malefactor can.

    Malicious Affinity: Quislings and Malefactors alike take a perverse pleasure in watching people suffer under the effects of their Aura and Malefactions. People in such a position also tend to be a bit more... agreeable. The Quisling gains a bonus on all social interaction checks with individuals under the effects of their Aura or one of their Malefactions.

    Spiteful Rebuke: Quislings don't have the same focus and discipline that Malefactors do. That's one of the main reasons they can't use their Malefactions as often. However, one thing they can do is channel their pure hatred to physically harm foes. At the cost of one of their Malefaction uses the Quisling may attempt a Spiteful Rebuke against an enemy with 60ft. Said enemy must make a will save against the usual DC or take 1d6 damage for every d4 indicated in their Torment the Weak. Succeeding on this save does not make them immune to Spiteful Rebuke for the rest of the day.

    Engulfing Aura: Sometimes people try to run. You can't have that, now can you? It makes you mad, doesn't it? Hey, look at that. The aura got larger. The Quisling gains the ability to expend one of their Malefaction uses to increase the radius of their Aura by 5 ft per two levels for five rounds.

    Fool Me Once: None can escape the Quisling's fury. If an enemy successfully saves against a Quisling's Malefaction, they do not become immune to it for the rest of the day. If they make a second successful save, then they become immune. Similarly, if an enemy successfully saved against an Aura, then left the area and returned, they must make the save again. If they make two successful saves in this manner they become immune for the rest of the day.

    Quislings who become Malefactors:
    A Quisling who embraces the nature of their cursed blood and pursues this path after their powers have already begun manifesting undergoes an interesting phenomenon. If a Quisling takes one or more levels in Malefactor they lose their Bloodline and immediately gain one level in Malefactor for every time they didn't progress due to this bloodline. So for example, a 14th level Major Quisling who becomes level 15 and chooses to take a level in Malefactor would suddenly have four levels (one from the level up, three from the three levels they were held back due to the major bloodline) in Malefactor and lose all benefits of their bloodline. The Quisling may additionally opt to replace one or more of their other class levels with Malefactor levels in the same way a Paladin may replace their Paladin levels with Blackguard levels.

    As always when working with new material, there's the chance I royally screwed something up. Hopefully I didn't.
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