(OOC: To Everybody...Ill just get acquainted quickly with a little about myself since I missed the intro banter/monologue. Forgive me for rambling, but I thought )

You most likely have found it difficult to make conversation with the tall man with silver hair. He has been listening to the stories with conviction and perking from time to time to fully take in the colorful dialects and accents that among the group. Once he had a sense of your personalities...he spoke up...

"My name is Xaxil, and while I too belong to the Lightbringers, I also serve an order from another realm. The "plane" or "realm" from which my ancestors hailed had been largely decimated by forces of Evil Undeath. The perversions that tainted the soil and water there had made it nearly unlivable, and so a segment of our population set a course into the heavens, or Astral realm, to search for another home. It was during my great grandfathers generation that the pilgrimage happened, and during my grand-fathers generation that the Astra-Pilgrims had encountered the Celestials. It was also during my grand-fathers generation that they traveled back to our Mother Realm to restore contact with their lost friends and family."

Xaxil takes a moment to regain his thoughts, restore his posture, and look to the sky before speaking again. When he does, you notice he has pulled a necklace and locket from under his vest and is clutching it in his right hand.

"Our Realm, after their 20 years of absence, was nothing but a large grave...wrought with death the likes of which not even a maggot would defile. With the use of mystic teachings learned from the Celestials, my Grand-Father set to cleansing his former home. My own Father was there to see his Father...my Grand-Father...drained of his life-force. Afterwards, the few remaining Pilgrims and their children re-situated themselves in the Astra-Sphere and were graciously accepted by our Celestial hosts. This is where and when my father met my mother. Our hosts...excuse me..."my family", were themselves filled with a conviction against the existence of Undeath. We have all sworn an oath to crush Undeath wherever we may find it. We have become strong with many Astra-Fleets. Strong enough to send Souls like myself with Kelemvor's blessing to farthest reaches to prevent what happened to my Grand-Fathers realm from happening again. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Mt. Celestia. I've watched rays of Searing Light glitter in the dark near the Thanasosian Gate. All those moments are now lost in time...".