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My date's appearance was androgyn, and dressed in such a way as to make it hard to guess gender (short cut hair, loose shirt and trousers, etc). Could have been a guy, could have been a girl.
Now, I could make a guess, but I wasn't sure. And I could have asked, but since we both had already agreed that gender was not really a factor, I didn't, figuring I would find out later.
Thanks for the explanation. I was just curious since with most people you can tell pretty much right away.

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I have a mildly unrelated remark -- one reason while I love OotS AND the forums is, that really cool people are hanging around here. I like you folks (what gender you ever choose to be...)
Aw, thanks tee_kay_one. And I agree, the vast majority of posters on this board are great, it's a really nice community. (Especially compared to a lot of the nonsense that infests most internet forums.) So I will echo your sentiment. :)