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As a side note gu-guru-guru-guru-guru-guru~ has nothing on Miracle Hinacle
Side effects may include copious amounts of swaying.

In other news, due to my lack of activities over the summer, I've started playing the shooters again. To make myself feel better, I've mainly been playing Imperishable Night. Despite it being considered the easiest though, for the life of me I still can't do anything about Marisa in stage 4. I actually lose more lives and bombs against her than I do in stage 5 (on average), and I am usually able to 1LC up until her with no problem.

Any advice? It's not really one specific spell or anything either, but I notice that I fail more at the earlier parts. Incidentally, I also have much less trouble when facing Reimu in stage 4, but since I mainly play as the Border team...yeah.